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My Azure Profile Script

If you like me I work in a lot of virtual lab environments (mostly Azure) and need a way I start them up. I have all my VM's on  Auto Shutdown  to save some money and only need them when I test.  I wrote a profile script that allows me to do this. This script does not have a UI for it (however now that I mention it, I might make one), but it does display nicely in PowerShell's console window.  When its time to play, I just run one command: Start-MyAzureEnvironment This kick off  a series of prompts. The first is a list of the sites that I manage in Azure. This list if hardcoded in the first few lines of the script and should be changed based on your environments.  The next prompts are for resource group within those sites. However it will only come up if there are multiple RG and your not loaded a default one, otherwise it will continue the process. Once it has analyzed my environment, it will start the virtual machines. This is setup to start all VM's within that RG grou

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